About the Center

The Brazilian Center for Mindfulness and Health Promotion aims to promote and disseminate mindfulness-based interventions in Brazil, with a focus on their practices and programs, on professional training and scientific research always oriented towards health promotion and quality of life.

The center coordinates a University Extension Program at Universidade Federal de São Paulo – UNIFESP and a research group certified by UNIFESP and by CNPQ.

Why “Mente Aberta”?

“Mente Aberta”, in the context of Mindfulness and Health Promotion, can be understood in two complementary ways:

1) To be “open” to new other ways of caring and promoting health in addition to the conventional ones;

2) “Open Mind” or “being open” to whatever may come up in the present moment experience. That is how the term Mindfulness can also be understood (See: What is Mindfulness?).


“Mente Aberta” has as Mission to promote a healthier, collaborative, and fair society through mindfulness-based programs (mindfulness-based interventions) and practices.

“Mente Aberta” has a special interest on the implementation of mindfulness-based interventions in the public policies in general, and particularly in SUS (the Brazilian National Health System) aiming to promote integrative health, quality of life and striving to empower both individuals and communities.

Mente Aberta is committed to offer mindfulness-based interventions according to solid ethical principles of fairness and high quality, following the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers Associations guidelines.

The center was the founder member of Rede Brasileira de Mindfulness (Brazilian Mindfulness Network), whose main mission is to offer qualified training in mindfulness-based interventions and programs in Brazil. Know more about it by clicking here.