Modular training

Professional training/Teacher training in Mindfulness

General Programme

About the training: it's designed to offer training and qualification for professionals interested in working with groups of “Mindfulness for Health Promotion” (8-week program based on the MBSR model – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) for patients* and/or clients.

Assumptions/ Background: In recent years, mindfulness-based interventions have been effectively used in multiple organic diseases (chronic pain, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, neurological disorders, etc.) and psychological conditions (anxiety, depression, chronic stress, use and substance abuse, etc.) also having a positive impact on professionals who practice mindfulness (improves symptoms of burnout, improves empathy and interpersonal communication, facilitates better clinical outcomes for health care professionals). At the moment, there are studies that confirm the psychological, neurophysiological and also epigenetic benefits induced by regular mindfulness practice*.

General aims: the full-term course (3 face-to-face modules and distance-based learning in between - via Moodle) aims are: Understanding of the concepts, definitions, mechanisms and effects of Mindfulness for health promotion and improvement of quality of life; Experiencing, in a deepened way, the main mindfulness techniques and other correlated practices, such as compassion; Developing a personal and regular mindfulness practice; Developing skills to effectively deliver mindfulness groups with the following characteristics: “Mindfulness for Health Promotion”, 8-week program based on the MBSR model – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) for patients* and/or clients.

Target audience: professionals* interested in developing your own personal practice and in the professional application of mindfulness as an intervention to promote physical and mental health for clients and patients.

*In addition to professional certification in Mindfulness the application of Mindfulness for patients is subject to specific professional expertise to work with the targeted population.
*To try out a mindfulness practice and some important recommendations before starting:
*Undergraduate degree required

Professional training/Teacher training in Mindfulness

General Programme

Note: it's mandatory that candidates have prior personal and regular mindfulness practice experience (at least for the past 6 months) or in other similar meditation practices.* The candidate must sign a declaration stating this condition.

Important information:
From 2017 it will be mandatory prior participation (before the Basic Module) in a 8-week mindfulness program (under the responsibility of the candidate, and with proof via certificate). Such a program must be conducted by a certified mindfulness teacher, preferably in-person, or alternatively at a distance-based learning (online) as long as conducted by a certified teacher.
Note: online self-learning courses without a live instructor will not be accepted.

Alternatively if the candidate doesn't have the possibility to participate in a 8-week program in your own city, (or at a distance-based learning following the characteristics above) it will be offered an “Experiential Module” by Centro Mente Aberta. After participating in the Experiential Module, the participant may sign up to the next Basic Module.

General course content - Professional Training/Teacher Training in Mindfulness (3 modules)

Understanding of the concepts and characteristics of mindfulness-based practices and programs;
Effects of Mindfulness on health promotion and improvement of quality of life;
Diseases in which Mindfulness proved to be effective. Controlled trials and meta-analysis;
Questionnaires to measure Mindfulness and self-compassion;
Experiencing the main mindfulness practices:
Raisin meditation
3 minutes breathing space
Mindful breathing
Body Scan
Walking meditation
Mindful movements
Loving-kindness meditation
Mindfulness in daily life
Mindfulness of sounds, thoughts and emotions
Human values and life values and their relationship with Mindfulness
Personal and professional mindfulness practice journals
How to structure and implement a mindfulness-based program with patients* or clients
Bibliography, websites and online training resources.

Professional training/Teacher training in Mindfulness

General Programme

Prof. Marcelo Marcos Piva Demarzo, Ph.D.
Family doctor and a professor at Escola Paulista de Medicina - UNIFESP. He is a “Mindfulness for health” teacher with training in England (Breathworks Institute) and US (Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society – University of Massachusetts) with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli. He is also the director of "Mente Aberta" – Brazilian Center for Mindfulness and Health Promotion – UNIFESP.

Prof. Marcelo Batista de Oliveira, MSc
Psychologist with a Master's degree in Collective Health from UNIFESP. He is a certified MBPI (Mindfulness-Based Approaches to Pain and Illness) and MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) teacher, level 1, 2, 3, by Breathworks Institute, England.

Prof. Víviam Vargas de Barros, MSc
Psychologist with a Master's degree in Psychology, Víviam is a Ph.D. student at UNIFESP (Department of Psychobiology), a certified Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention teacher by University of California, School of Medicine in San Diego and she holds a certification in Advanced Training for MBRP teachers from the Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies, Warminster, England.

Prof. Márcio Sussumu Hirayama, Ph.D.
Postdoc student in Collective Health at Mente Aberta (UNIFESP). Majored in Physiotherapy (Universidade de São Paulo), Sussumu is a cardiorespiratory expert (INCOR), with a Master's degree in Motricity Sciences (UNESP) and a Ph.D. in Health Sciences (UNICAMP) with training at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, University of Bangor (UK). He was a scholarship student (Japan International Cooperation Agency - JICA) at University of Tsukuba, Japan, in the field of Exercise Physiology and Health Promotion in aging. He is a yoga teacher (Ananda Marga) and he was also a scholarship student (Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation - SMSF) at Scholarship Training Programme – Meditation on Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Chennai, India.

Professional training/Teacher training in Mindfulness

General Programme

The full-term course consists of 3 face-to-face modules and mandatory distance-based activities.

Important information:
The full-term course is divided in 3 face-to-face modules (“Basic”, “Intermediate”, “Advanced”) held in retreat format (experiential immersion), with an interval of at least 6 months between a module and the following one. The participants may complete their training (the full-term course) in a minimum of 1 year in total or in an extended period of time.

In between modules, participants will perform mandatory distance-based activities* (daily mindfulness practices and mindfulness journals, preparation of book reviews, participation in online discussion and questions forums, participation in online supervision, and the offering of a 8-week mindfulness group) supervised and monitored mainly through our MOODLE PLATFORM – Mente Aberta virtual campus:, or similar platforms.

The course participants will have access (as participants) to 8-week mindfulness groups offered by Mente Aberta, which are held at Santo Amaro Campus (UNIFESP), aiming at the improvement of personal practice and the experience of mindfulness groups “in loco”. Obs: There may be a vacancies draw if there is an excess demand.

Participants will receive a certificate of participation at the end of each module (“Basic”, “Intermediate”, “Advanced”) depending on participation in all activities (warning: it's required 100% attendance in the modules) and the fulfillment of distance-based tasks in between modules.

The “Mindfulness Instructor applied to Health Promotion” certificate from Mente Aberta is exclusively awarded for those who complete the three modules and strictly fulfill all requirements for them in a minimum of 1 year.

*See each module programme.

Professional training/Teacher training in Mindfulness

General Programme

General Programme by Module

Basic Module

What is Mindfulness and its physical and psychological benefits based on scientific evidence
Mindfulness-based programs (scientific evidence)
Experiential training in mindfulness practices
Mechanisms of action underlying Mindfulness I
Distance-based activities (to be completed necessarily before participation in the Intermediate Module):
Preparation of personal mindfulness practice journal (specifically practices experienced during the basic module), for, at least, 12 weeks (either in a row or alternating);
Book review (it will be delivered free of charge to all participants in the Basic Module): Marcelo Demarzo & Javier García-Campayo. Manual Prático de Mindfulness: Curiosidade e Aceitação. Editora Palas Athena (2015).
Participation in the web supervisions of the Basic Module (optional).

General Programme by Module

Intermediate Module

Experiential training as a mindfulness instructor I:
Supervised conducting of mindfulness practices and "inquiry" (sharing of experiences);
Deepening in the 8-week mindfulness program model (session content) – Mente Aberta model based on MBSR;
Deepening on the logistics involved in offering mindfulness groups;
Discussion of the Good Practices Guidelines for teaching mindfulness.
Distance-based activities (to be completed necessarily before participation in the Advanced Module):
Supervised offering of a 8-week mindfulness group:
During the planning and offering of the group, the student will be guided and supervised at a distance via Moodle and web supervisions (it's mandatory participation in at least 4 web supervisions sessions over the period of the mindfulness group).
The student must submit a final report on the offering of the mindfulness group* and to prepare a PowerPoint presentation or similar (around 10 slides) to the Advanced Module.
Review of 2 articles on Mindfulness (Available during the Intermediate Module)

*A model will be provided during the Intermediate Module.

General Programme by Module

Advanced Module
Final supervision of the mindfulness groups and the cases experienced by the participants in conducting the groups;
Discussion of cases and general questions about the use of mindfulness applied to health promotion;
Mechanisms of action underlying Mindfulness II;
Mindfulness in clinical practice (scientific evidence - unexpected effects);
Experiential training as a mindfulness instructor II:
Good practices for teaching Mindfulness
Code of ethics
Other mindfulness programs models.

Contact e-mail:


Marcelo Demarzo
Coordenador Geral

Marcio Sussumu Hirayama
Professor voluntário de Mindfulness pelo Mente Aberta, Responsável pelas websupervisoes na Formação em Mindfulness

Vera Lúcia Morais Antonio de Salvo
Coordenação de Projetos de Extensão Social e Apoio à Coordenação Pedagógica da Formação em Mindfulness

Viviam Vargas de Barros
Professora voluntária de Mindfulness pelo Mente Aberta


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